Challenge Eugène Fillol 2024

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To enter the competition you register on Ophardt Online, or send us an email at This must be done no later than 6 March. Please enter the name of the fencer, fencing club, and nationality.

NOTE: The number of participants is limited to 126 fencers in each class, first come, first served.


Fencers representing Swedish clubs: 500 SEK
Fencers from other countries: € 40
Payable in cash on arrival at the sports venue.


Check in Days and Times

Check-in for men closes 09.00 AM
Check-in for women closes 09.30 AM

08.30 AM – Men – Start of direct elimination
08.30 AM – Women – Start of direct elimination
02.30 PM – Semifinals and finals

Honorary prizes awarded

Johan Harmenberg’s Honorary Prize is divided in two parts: The winner of the men’s competition will receive a sum of 10,000 SEK, and the best male junior fencer will be awarded 4,000 SEK.

Her Royal Highness Princess Birgitta’s Honorary Prize is also divided in two parts: The winner of the women’s competition will receive 10,000 SEK, and 4,000 SEK will be awarded to the best female junior fencer.

The prize for best junior will be awarded to the best fencer born 2004 or later in the men’s and women’s competition respectively.

Competition Formula

The qualification rounds on Saturday consist of four rounds of poules and a preliminary direct elimination. No fencer is eliminated until after the last round of poules. The winners of each of the poules in round two, three or four are directly qualified for next day’s competition, as well as those who qualifies from the DE round that completes the first day. The ranking of the fencers for the second day will be made according to what stage in the competition the fencer has qualified for the second day. Approximately half of the number of the participating fencers will be qualified for Sunday’s DE, which will be fenced with repêchage.

Rules and Regulations

FIE rules and the Swedish Fencing Federation rules will apply. Exceptions made are that FIE blades are not mandatory and there is no need for an FIE license. However, we do require that all fencers are registered with their national fencing federation.

At all Swedish competitions, the federations code of conduct is in effect.

Rules for citizens of Russia and Belarus:

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We urge the participating Nordic fencing clubs to make competent referees available to the directoire technique throughout the competition. Referees from other countries are also most welcome. In the first rounds of poules the fencers may, if necessary, act as referees.


Stora Mossens Idrottshall
Mosskroken 13, Bromma

By Underground

Go to station Stora Mossen on Stockholm underground’s Green Line. You will find the venue after a ten minutes’ walk. Start by walking up the hillside outside the underground station. After the hillside, walk straight ahead. Pass the school (Bromma Gymnasium) on your left and the allotments on your right. Turn left at the white sign saying “St Mossens idrottsplats” and you will find the sports hall.

By Car

Drive towards Bromma. After the long bridge (Tranebergsbron), drive straight ahead until you see a road sign saying “Stora Mossen”. Turn left and follow the road up the hillside until you se a sign saying “St Mossens idrottsplats”, turn left and drive 150 meters to the sports hall.

Note: There are lots of parking spaces but please be aware there is a parking fee.

NOTE: The organizers reserve the right to make changes if necessary.