Stora Mossens Idrottshall Mosskroken 11-13, 167 56 Bromma

Challenge Eugène Fillol 2024

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Louise Ulltjärn (left) women’s best junior , Linus Islas Flygare (center left), men’s champion, Valentin Altunin (center right), men’s best junior, Irina Embrich (right), women’s champion
2023 Champions

Final Thoughts from Challenge Eugène Fillol

We look back at an intense, exciting and fun weekend with the 2023 Challenge Eugène Fillol. With a starting field of fencers from many different countries and of different ages, the atmosphere was just as Fillolian as it usually is, with joy, community and a lots of sweat. Thanks everyone for that!

After Saturday’s pools, on Sunday came the intense battle for the final places and the looming prize table. 
It was remarkable that among the eight semi-finalists there were four old fillol winners, last year’s Anatolii Herey, Ukraine, and Irina Embrich, Estonia, but also Bartosz Piasecki, Norway, and Linus Islas Flygare from Uppsala, Sweden, so it was set up for a tough fight!

Irina Embrich won the women’s final against FFF’s Louise Ulltjärn, who also became best junior, the men’s final was a very tough match where Linus Isla’s Flygare managed to keep Anatolii Herey behind, and could become a double final winner. The best junior was Valentin Altunin, from Estonia, who came in bronze.

Many thanks to everyone who helped create this magnificent competition this time, everything from planning, computer hacking, food fixing, cleaning, judging etc. etc., there are many pieces that have to work for a competition to be successful! 

“A warm welcome back in 2024!”